SuperTeam XL

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This Year, We’re Going BIG.

The most popular, largest and most unique team competition ever created!


-Saturday, June 1, 8am-4pm
-Hosted by CrossFit Peachtree in Atlanta
-Event info updated WEEKLY on the Facebook SUPERTEAM XL Page
-Minimum 6 players, any mix of genders including all-male or all-female
-There is no maximum team size

All skill levels compete on the same team.
-3 XL Team WODs all based on team strategy and working together.
-Awards ceremony for top 3 teams .


Owners compete free. 1 owner per team, 1 owner per gym. Email


Parts A + B = 1 Round = 150 Reps

10 Team Burpees Stepping Over A Line (Whole Team Minus Weight Changer)
10 Power snatch 95m/65f
10 Squat Snatch 95m/65f
10 OHS 95m/65f
50 Reverse(Backwards) Singles
10 Team Burpees Stepping Over A Line (Whole Team Minus Weight Changer)
10 Power Clean 135m/85f
10 Squat Clean 135m/85f
10 Thruster 135m/85f
20 PartnerT2B

1 Player working at a time except on partner T2B (2 players synchronized) and team burpees which is entire team minus 1 player who needs to change out weight on barbells during the burpees. Switch players at any time with a hand touch. Backwards (reverse) single-unders on jump rope. Each round is 150 reps, total reps after 30 minutes.

AMRAP 25 Min


Player 1 0:00-3:00
Player 2 2:00-5:00
Player 3 4:00-7:00
Row 500/400m
Max KB Swings 55m/35f
20 Pullups (1 person working, switch anytime with hand tag)
20 Partner Deadlifts on 2 Barbells (4 people) 335/245 (all female teams 2x 245)
30 Cals Echo Bike
30 3-Person Tandem Wallballs 40/20/10 (no 40lb WB for all-female teams just 20/10)

Part A is from 0:00 to 7:00 minutes on the clock. First player has 2 min to row 500m (girls 400m) and do as many KB swings as possible in the remaining 1 min. If the player completes the row UNDER 2 min, they may begin KB swings early. The faster you row, the more time you have for KB Swings. 2nd Player begins rowing at the 2:00 mark once the previous player completes their row and is off the machine. If the previous player finishes before the 2 min mark, the next player may strap in the C2 but may not start until the 2 min mark. Player 1 will now be doing max KB swings while Player 2 is rowing. Again, Player 2 has 2 min to complete the row and 1 min for max KB Swings and if they complete the row before the 2 min mark they may start KB swings early for additional time. Player 3 can begin their row at the 4 min mark and has until 7 min mark for max KB Swings. There is a score for Part A and that is total number of KB Swings of all 3 players. At 7:00 Part B begins.
Part B and Part C are an AMRAP in the remaining 18 minutes with athletes switching anytime with hand tag. Chin over pullups and partner dealifts on 2 barbells pre-loaded at 335 (guys bar) and 245 (girls bar). Any 2 people can lift any barbell. You can have 2 guys on the 245 girl bar and 2 girls on the 335 or vice-versa or a guy/girl at each. Just have 2 people on each bar lifting and both bars must be lifted together synchronized to count as 1 rep. Echo bike 30 cals and 3 people doing wallballs at the same time to 9′ target. Again, doesnt matter whether male/female doing the wallballs, just 3 wallballs need to be synchronized to count as 1 rep. 100 reps per round, score is total reps after 18 minutes.


8 Rounds
20 Dumbell Lunges (50/40/30)
10 Box Jump Overs 3 Levels (30/24/20) (All female 24/20″ only)
55 DUs

3 athletes synchronized lunges holding a pair of dumbells must lunge backwards with knee touching ground then step forwards across a line. HSPU is to 1 abmat, 1 person working switch anytime. 3 boxes each at a different height, 3 athletes doing box jump overs synchronized.